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Possible messages … whatever you want to say … can be little in-jokes like movie or song quotes, e.g.,

“Do you know how to whistle?”, or “You’re the Dude”, or “Is it Safe?” or “I could do that, giz a job”…

This list is pretty much endless and you’ll have great fun with it. It could also be a birthday or anniversary … or something you always wanted to say to someone but always forgot to like “You’re brilliant” or maybe a “Thank you”, “Thinking of you”, “Are you OK There?” “I’m Sorry” …. even “Will you marry me?” - though I’m not responsible for the answer here so maybe think a bit about that one.  If you DO want a message, I will draw and paint an illustration that suits. Nothing mean though :( ... if you ask for something mean, I’ll have to ignore it. So, who you YOU like to get an original painted card in the post? Don't forget ... it can be for yourself too :) 


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