It all started as a bit of a doodle … returning from a trip to the bonnie Isle of Skye in the Scottish highlands …  I wanted a picture that captured painted a postcard to send home … one with a picture of the wild wind up on the Old Man of Storr … a mountain way up in the north of the island – but that’s another story …

I did a sketch with colouring pencils and I was quite pleased with it … kind of captured the struggle of the trip … and posted it home. It was much better received than the one I sent from France many years ago – with the message “Sell all, send the money” - but that’s another story …

And now ... living in the changed world we have time to look at other things ... there is less urgency to get things done in a hurry, or to multitask. Just do what the day allows. The streets echo with a silence that I haven’t heard since childhood, and we are entertained by the vibrancy of daffodils, magnolia, and a myriad of tiny wildflowers ... all part of a variety show with a chorus of birdsong. For sure, it’s their most exited time of the year – what with flirting and courting and nesting, but still - the concerts … oh my.  And the magnificent cherry blossom snowing everywhere. These are all the things that inspire my postcards - but you might have other ideas? You can also send me a backstory to work with.


If you do, and would like me to paint an original card - click here

You: what kind of message?

Me: Whatever you want to say … can be little in-jokes like movie or song quotes … “Do you know how to whistle?”, “you’re the Dude”, “Is it Safe?” “I could do that - Giz a job”, … this list is pretty much endless … or a birthday or anniversary … or something you always want to say to them but always forget like “You’re brilliant” or maybe a “Thank you”, “Thinking of you”, “Are you OK There?” …. Even “Will you marry me?” though I’m not responsible for the answer so maybe think a bit about that one. ), 


Don’t send unkind things – I only send nice messages … I’ll write a message and the name of the sender – unless you’d like to remain mysteriously anonymous … but it can only be nice messages – if I get something mean I’ll ignore it. 

What a novel idea Kate, how much does it cost to order a postcard?

You pay what you choose - you might have loads of money and want to pay me a lot, or you might be strapped for cash, but would really like like someone you know to get a surprise card - it's up to you ... it's an honour system, but I do have to buy the materials :) 

Do you post worldwide?

Yes, and beyond – just include the correct postcode.