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If you'd like me to paint a postcard for you - or someone else - and post it, click here 

Some years ago, I started to make small hand hand painted vignettes from my travels and post them off to people I knew would like them - I even posted some to myself to have when I got back. The first ones were very tentative, simple sketches of landscapes and shorelines, people and towns, boats, trains and automobiles, and wild stuff - lots of wild stuff. Then I got to sketching places with stories, a bit of this a bit of that, a complex bit of wall or a simple hat. I don't have many of these postcards because I posted them all off. I loved the idea of capturing a moment live - and then letting them go. It was a way to connect with people who I might not get to see often, but think about a lot, a way to share moments with those not with with, a way to connect with people I care about.  So, in the lockdown, I got to thinking that well, I can't travel right now, but the world hasn't stopped turning, and everyone else - in the whole world - is literally stuck in the same place. So, every day, I send someone a postcard. 

I began to record this drama, in postcard sketches, and then post them out as a surprise to people I know – and sometimes to people I don’t know – but always the card is pertinent.  It might be a scene from the nature, or a capture of a press conference, or a sketch the new world of masks and social distancing – it is a record of life in Covid-19, sent worldwide, because this is a worldwide phenomena. Was there ever a time when the entire world was so unified? We will all emerge as butterflies. Who doesn’t like to get a card in the post? And it makes me feel connected to those I care about.

If you'd like me to paint a postcard for you - or someone else - and post it, click here 

If you'd like me to paint a postcard for you - or someone else - and post it, click here 


I post to anywhere in the world – and beyond - just send me the correct post code. 


  • I design and draw each postcard unique to you

  • You can make some broad suggestions, like forest, flowers, people … or you can just leave it to me

  • I will sketch and paint an original postcard 

  • I will post it to you or to someone you’d think would like to get one 

  • Every card is original … I never know what it will be until the day

  • You tell me where to send it – you can select yourself too!

  • If you like you can add a SHORT message that I’ll transcribe on the back

  • I’ll post it – and email you a photo of what I send

  • Each card is unique … like my cooking, I never do the same dish twice – there will be variations, and all will be lovely, but none will be the same

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